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You Are What You Eat - Each creature in this folk art inspired series contains the actual things it eats.

For most independent artists and business owners, social media is necessary, as we simply haven't the budget for traditional advertising. It is free (ish) and we can reach a diverse and sizeable audience. The chance to directly interact with that audience is also invaluable.

That said...I believe immersion in social media is The Worst. Endless comparison, distorted views of reality, and just the lack of normal human conversation are all going to have negative impacts that I think we'll be dealing with for years.

Therefore, for better or worse, this piece is subtitled "Selfie." It isn't intended to be a wholly negative statement about social media so much as a checkpoint - perhaps a reminder to clear our minds from time to time.

This original, hand-pulled block print is printed on white, archival watercolor paper.

Available in the oil-based ink print, as well as alternate versions that are further enhanced with metallic mica-based watercolor.

Measures 11x14.




You Are What You Eat #11 - Selfie

SKU: SKU 5800
PriceFrom $150.00
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